Miedo a la libertad?

Why people ask for feedback?

To learn?

So why people get annoyed when someone speak their minds in a blog. It’s their blog!

If you don’t like what is being said, you’ve got the chance to say so by making your own comments to the entry. You can even respond through your own blog.

You can even ignore it? [ No hay major desprecio que no hacer aprecio! ]

Why is people scared of internet speech? – ‘Cause it’s public, they say.

How public is public, how long is a piece of string?.

Things are important if you attribute your sense of importance to them. And they are important, just for you, just for a moment. No for anyone else.

As usual, What is important for them will most probably be irrelevant for you, and viceversa.

So why worry? Why be scared of what others can say (if they are thinking it!)? Why try to constraint their speech? – Sharpen your’s if anything.

Be respectful. Live and let live. Don’t pay attention to things you don’t like but have no importance.

Ojos que no ven, corazon que no siente!

Don’t give yourself a rough time. Focus on the positive!!!

Respond,  react against injustice, not against ideas

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