The future of librarians

In the begining the librarian’s tools were books with static content, shelved away, classified by an analogic catalogue of authors, titles and subjects.

The function of librarians was to help patrons finding relevant materials, advising which books could bring better results for their information needs after a reference interview.

Another function of librarians was to teach patrons about how to use the catalogue.

Then, the analogic catalogue became an electronic database. Still the librarians function did not change very much, apart from allowing access to the computers holding the database or controlling who was accessing Dialog.

Need to sleep

Then, it was web based 1.0 catalogues – search engines – information literacy –

Then, Google came in and the Google effect – affected profoundly the profession. Now nothing was left to librarians – Google was doing their job, Panic struck the profession. Information literacy came o the rescue of the library profession

Now we have web 2.0 and librarians are completely lost – they don’t know what to do with so many tools competing for their job, with information providers offering their own search engines,

Solution = their future is to reinvent themselves asĀ  Digital literacy experts – helping user to make use of web 2.0 tech to serve their information needs – instead of going to find information create pipelines that bring you the informationĀ  you need as soon as it happens – you create strategies and made use of tools that serve your info needs –

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