Es muy tarde o muy temprano?

Always the same question. Is it me who is too earlier or is the rest of the world that are to late?

As always you can reverse it: Is not me who is late, it is the others who are too eager to be first.

Trying to catch up with the world at early hours in the morning before going to sleep a little – No too much that is not good. Las buenas esencias en frascos pequeños ;-).

Was reading quite good analysis of Twitter by Liam

Then created an account in friendfeed

Went to yahoo mail and had to moderate the spam in this blog, which gave me opp to write this rubbish.

I’m dying to see Howard Rheingold’s Video on social literacy. Would it be somehow related to my previous post The future of librarians on new functions of librarians? [I saw it and also saw Howard’s baby Somehow dissapointed Howard R. doesn’t mention what i can see as the best use of mashups, that is: use mash-up tools to channel the information you required, filtering through pipes, so that you dont have to plough among masses of infoglut. Use tools for your benefit, not just for the sake of using tools….
On the other hand I’m glad I may be the first ignorant (dreaming?) in seeing librarians as the re-skillers of people on Digital Literacy, after
@psychemedia presentation on mashups and The invisible Library. Again, have a look at previous post: The future of librarians – Have to elaborate it a little bit more. Need more time!!!!]

During weekend also posted a comment to D’arcy Norman giving up with twitter – Sorry D’arcy, i meant “bragging” in a jocular way, never in aggravation to anyone. Really grateful you shared your ride 🙂  Will keep you posted with mines! (Perhaps better not! why should i overload your existence? Just to be acknowledged? Why do i want to be acknowledged by you?

And the disquisiton goes on and on and on….

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  1. mariano says:

    no what i expected though links did not bring any joy eithr

  2. no worries – I figured you were meaning it that way – but it would be VERY easy to interpret my constant online babbling as bragging. I need to think about that a bit more…

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