On the importance of being Ernest

quick I need to sleep.

Why people feels the need to be self-important? Why people fights for social recognition at work, with people they know nothing about? Why people messes around with whatever is put in the hands of others just to have the 2 minutes of attention even if that means disrupting the whole ecosystem.

Managerial drift has a description in business literature. Why do these top manager feel compelled to put their fat fingers into fine dough so that everybody can see the messes they are capable of doing?

Why they don’t leave their people alone to get on with whatever their people have to do instead of being jealous of them.

Why do managers feels compelled to throw more complexity to really simple concepts that are beautiful because their simplicity.

Why can managers focus on their own tasks and stop messing around with other people’s work. Why can they let things go? Khalil Gibran- your sons are not your sons.

Do they have to linger to demonstrate they are on top of their people’s work? Why they feel they have to demonstrate they know more than anyone else on every subject.

Can it be because they are trying to disguise their ignorance by throwing ginormous irrelevant clutter onto simple things so that their contribution is clear.

Or, in their ignorance, they dont realise their obtrusiveness, delay, disruption, disturbance and pityfull exhibition of demeanour?

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