I enroled H817 MOOC

Well, after almost five years I am going to re-institute all the glory of my beloved Canadian blog for undertaking H817 MOOC, a block within one of the MAODE modules.

I’ve chosen this blog among the millions I’ve got set up, because of its title, BeFree. You will find entries from ages ago that relate to people and subjects that may populate this MOOC now.

After some issues with the development of the MOOC platform and associated tech, Martin W. asks us in H817 MOOC to register a blog…

I think I have a working solution. If you have time, could you try it for me by registering your blog here and then posting something which has the tag #h817open. Only posts with this tag should appear. You can just do a test post, but perhaps more interestingly you could respond to the idea of whether “openness has won” or not with a post “Openness has (hasn’t) won because…”

… So this is my try to check whether an entry with the #h817open tag works.

I am new to MOOCs. Though I have some dabs with some of them before, i never contributed. If anything i am an early adopter, but like to assess features before embarking or making a purchase decision. This may be it. Let’s see if i can finish it.

Regarding the idea of whether “openness has won” or not, my stance is not. Openness is hugely constrained by business prerogatives – make money – and human complexity – we want something until we get it and then we like something else. It is only the promise of getting some gain back, may it be fame, kudos, economics, pleasure, that moves us. But are we ever really open?

Looking forward to seeing how do this and i develop. Best.


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2 Responses to “I enroled H817 MOOC”

  1. Martin says:

    Welcome aboard Mariano, blog is aggregating with us. I’m sure you’ll make it through to the end. I’ve structured the course as reasonably independent learning activities, so you don’t have to do all of them.

  2. mariano says:

    Thanks Martin,
    Will do my best.

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